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National Tae Kwon-Do Adelaide

National Tae Kwon-Do is the ancient Korean martial art that incorporates techniques for self defence involving the skilled application of punches, flying and jumping kicks, blocks, dodges, throws, releases, locking, choking and interceptions with the hands, arms and feet for the rapid disposal of any aggressor.


With over 20 locations across Adelaide, there is one near you. National Tae Kwon-Do offers two distinct streams of classes one stream is focused on teaching power based martial art technique while the second stream is directed at teaching children a unique martial art program that will provide the building blocks to self defence, fitness, and good health.


A true Martial Art is not a sport, it's  not about being better than someone else, the only competition is in trying to be better than you were before the start of the lesson. 


National Tae Kwon-Do teaches the time-tested 'Art' of Tae Kwon-Do, which, when taught properly and combined with a strong will and a fit body, will be more than enough to not only overcome the many obstacles and challenges in life but give you the skills to protect yourself in any situation.





Our Classes

As a member you are welcome to train at any of our over 20 locations across Adelaide as often as you like.



Our fees are set up so that you only pay for what you use when you use it.


Our classes include:

  • Martial arts
  • Self defence
  • Beginner classes
  • Intermediate classes
  • Advanced training
  • Children's classes

Taking up martial arts is a great way to shape the mind and body. Self defence classes can prove valuable for anyone and help to increase confidence and personal safety.

Our Instructors

Our students learn in a positive environment with instructors who are professionally trained and qualified in their fields.


Our Instructors have trained for many years and ensure that authenticity is preserved in our training programme and self defence classes. They are patient and encouraging in their teachings and are passionate about passing on their knowledge to students.


Come in and try our martial arts and self defence classes in Adelaide.

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Martial art classes


Most Martial Art schools are focused on teaching the "sport" aspect. National Tae Kwon -Do is a power based Martial Art school. We are totally focused on teaching our students how to get as much out of themselves as possible and channelling that effort into executing technique that has been tested and taught properly.


It doesn't matter if the Martial Art is called Karate, Tae Kwon-Do, or Kung-Fu, if it is taught as a Martial Art it will be more than effective.



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Self defence classes


Many people practice Martial Arts, sometimes for many years, yet have no idea about the true and practical application of the techniques that they are learning.


We aim to show  you how to apply and understand the many techniques and the principles that you will learn.


Sport style Martial Arts are primarily geared towards competition, yet many of the most basic and practical self defence techniques are not allowed to be used in competition. Competition is definitely not self defence.


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Childrens classes


The Junior program is designed for children of primary school age ( 5-11 years old).


The program is not a watered down version of our Senior classes.


The classes are structured, exciting, challenging, and disciplined.


We teach young people the skills and values of Martial Arts that develop with them as they grow bigger and stronger and move into a world and environment when they may one day need to draw on them.


Children's Program offers a professionally designed and age specific curriculum that has been specifically developed


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